Ajali Entertainment began as the brain child of Cassandria Funches (Ajali) in 2008.  After being laid off from her position in broadcast media, she was approached about managing music artists.  This journey grew several legs and arms ~ and an abundance of very close counterparts and business connections.  Though she had worked in the music industry for several years, managing the careers of others was a completely different animal and grew very stressful.  At that time, she decided to lean on her first love of poetry. 

Ajali has been on the poetry scene in Houston, TX, since 1996, where her love for writing has quickly taken on a life of its own.  She was one of the pioneers of Houston's open mic poetry scene along side artists such as Se7en, Black Snow, Angela Guillory (mentor), Deep Blue Sea, and Black Poet, to name a few.  

She has collaborated with artists Monah Shakur, Rain, Laneail Alexandar, Felicia Martin, Roshanda Johnson, Nefertari Raven, and most importantly, her father (JEAUX); which was a huge motivating factor in her style and technique. Ajali has a way of expressing her wisdom and insight so the youngest of audiences find themselves relating, and the oldest find themselves traveling down paths they remember so well.  She brings her factual metaphors to life with a strong voice of clarity.  A creation of new words flow from her mouth, like a familiar conversation.  This poet, play-write, novelist brings life into a mundane day on the couch.  

Published works are:  "Tapestries of the Soul ~ Homosapien's Path", "History ~ (HER)story" and "(H)erotica".  (which all can be order in the CONTACT portion of this website.  


Cassandria Funches

Poet/Singer/Play Writer/Live Stage Productions

Opened eyes of reality set in and astounded me.

Surrounding myself with what I know as truth

and gazing lies in their eyes.

Sun rise awakens the vision of a new life

set forth on a path of graveled roads

with not-so clear signs

Spherical comets engage the core of me

bouncing on tight wire centered energy

resurrecting the north star in me

Guiding me one step closer to the Ajali in me.

Similes of transparency

looking @ obstacles as flat land.


I glide over them with wings of eagles.

Soaring freely

gazing thru haze with clarity

Looking at me

seeing thru me

with aura of yellow and green

Sunlight and growth are life's goals.

Mentally relaxing in the bath tub of life while my

physical is grinding to maintain

striving for success in the barrels of crabs.


floating on the top of a well blended mocha

I am the whipped cream of my destiny

...I rise.



boomeranged to the next plain

while riding on the backs of camels

I am the third hump

Lifting him with me

...I rise


cerebral cortex exudes the mass of most

including and excluding

all that begin and end with infinity

never ending

...I rise.


I am a direct descendant of a queen captured from her throne and thrown into slavery to begin a new queendom in another land creating my very own motherland

...I rise.