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  • Heard the encore show with Melissa and the regular broadcast with Ajali they are awesome ladies in their own unique ways yet equally willing to share their vulnerabilities. I love this show


  • Loved the interviews with Ms. Ajali I love how Ronnie B keeps people on topic and has them open themselves up to sharing...Masterful!! The coaching Ronnie B gave to Nakia and Kirk was amazing he is relentless when it comes to having the guests authentically share themselves and be acknowledged. Kudos to Nakia for her professionalism and courage I would have wilted getting coached with a bunch of people listening, but that is what makes this show unique and that's why I love it really powerful women!!


  • Snap Snap Toe Tap the poetry from Shanie always sets the tone for a powerful show. Ajali is a brilliant woman glad Ronnie B was able to get her to let down her guard so we could get to know the real her .......touching and powerful interview made me proud to be a woman of color.....Smooches Ronnie B!!


  • Sister Nakia you are proof incarnate that a Sister can listen to a Brother and use what he says to be empowered. Loved your interview with Ajali she is a very personable lady and you are both accomplished speakers maybe that's why Ronnie B kept having you ladies share the emotion and spirit that was present. Much Love to Shanie her poem about her brother was touching it had me in tears. I have to agree the featured poet needed a little of that fertilizing from the corner!!


  • Kirk you are so very attractive your wry sense of humor opens the door then you slap folks with a lot of love and have them reflect on their own greatness I see why they added you to the show. I enjoyed the finale with you and Ajali it was like listening to two old friends that respected one another deeply and didn't want to get to sentimental wishing each other well and acknowledging they got to the other side of the mountain. Love you Kirk......Happy Valentines Day!!


  • Heard the show last night Shanie is a Super Star!! Give Miss Ajali a big Shout Out she is quite a lady! Grow your mind is the kind of show we need real people being authentic instead of fake reality shows with manufactured drama!


  • Smooches and Roses to everyone on the show the interviews with Ajali were deep I love it when you go below the surface and get to the spirit!


  • Lot of Snaps to Shanie she is remarkable!! Please let Ms. Ajali know she is in my prayers we need more women like her getting real doing the work! Love you Nakia you and Ronnie B are an amazing duo!!


  • Miss Rose I hope you bring back your contest it was a lot of fun the judges are a trip. I wish you had done an interview with Ajali that would have been great....Smooches and Roses!!


  • Masterful!! The interviews with Miss Funches were deep, funny, and inspiring the way Ronnie B distinguished aspects of her life and spirit was the work of Masters like Nightingale Conant!!!Ms. Nakia is one of the most power and receptive ladies I have heard on radio she is a definite Star in her own right. I can see the live coaching she is receiving will have her transcend what is normal to be a Media Professional with the impact of an Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, or Christiane Amanpour! I would pay a fortune to have Ronnie B in my ear as I deliver my seminars and workshops.The overall concept of the show is unique I am surprised at how well it is produced and how you are able mix entertainment with enlightened thinking.....Great Great Show!!


  • Loved the interviews with Ms. Ajali she is all that and a Gucci Bag.....You Go Girl!!!!